Transparent Burglar Proofing

Our company has the necessary know-how and skills to install see-through or clear burglar-proofing in any residential or commercial property. Call us for a free quote today!

In an area such as Stilbaai and Jongensfontein, people wish to enjoy a view of the sea or the beautiful fynbos veld or the Goukou River. Transparent burglar proofing does not obscure the view, in fact it is practically invisible. For this very reason it is fast becoming the most popular modern way of securing your home.

These bars are not installed on windows only, but are used on security gates, balustrades and railings as well. In short, anywhere one needs a safety or security barrier which is as invisible and unobtrusive as possible.

Transparent burglar bars hold various benefits:

  • They are light in weight, but extremely strong. The same material police shields are made of.
  • These bars are UV resistant thus perfect for sunny South Africa.
  • They do not rust,  a pretty neat characteristic in coastal areas where humidity is a constant reality.
  • Can be attached to wood, aluminium as well as steel window frames, safety doors, balustrades or gates.
  • No coating, painting or after-care necessary.
  • Protect your property without obstructing the view.

Why not call us to install these safety bars in your newly renovated home, or to replace the existing outdated and unattractive burglar bars.

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