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Tiling & Flooring in Stilbaai

Our expertise include different types of quality flooring such as wooden flooring, stone and concrete flooring. Meticulous and neat tiling is another of our strengths. If you want the best results, call us now!

We all know the type of flooring you choose for your home plays an important role because that is what you see all the time. But we also know that you need to consider your budget and the purpose of the room as well when choosing the type of flooring. For instance, you will not likely put a carpet in the kitchen.

For wooden flooring there is a choice of solid wood or engineered wood, which means a veneer surface of real wood is glued to several layers of plywood. There are of course beautiful natural woods you can choose from such as oak, walnut, mahogany as well as teak and many more.

You might choose laminated flooring which also comes in a variety of designs and colours suitable for any room in the house as well as the office. This type of flooring requires little maintenance, is resistant to stains, easy to clean and also waterproof.

Vinyl flooring can withstand heavy traffic, comes in many different looks, is easy to clean and is also suitable for homes. Some vinyl patterns resembles tiles, wood, stone, brick, etc.

Another popular flooring we can offer is ceramic tile flooring which is very strong and also comes in different designs, sizes and colours. It is water and stain resistant as well as non-slip when wet and easy to clean. The best is that they are available in all price ranges and will certainly fit your budget.

Concrete flooring is also very popular and comes in many colours and finishes. When polished it looks absolutely stunning and it is perfect for any modern home, inside as well as outside. This type of flooring is easy to clean and does not harbour dust mites – the answer for allergy sufferers.

Then there is stone flooring which will last a lifetime and is also available in various colours and surface textures such as travertine, slate and limestone. Several different finishes are available one of which is honed and polished.

There are many other types of flooring, but we recommend that you call for free consultation to discuss the pros and cons. This way you can make an informed choice.

Of course tiling is not meant for floors only. Kitchen walls, bathroom walls, toilet walls, and even tiling on counter tops also add splendour to your home or business. Tiles are expensive, so let the experts lay the tiles for you. Try us, you won’t ever regret that decision.

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