Steelwork & Stainless Steel

Steelwork & Stainless steel construction

Steelwork & Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel, Security & Steel Construction

Apart from using steel as reinforcement in our constructions because of its strength, our company also uses steel for other purposes. Purposes such as stairs, handrails, balustrades, fencing, gates, steel decorations, etc. Except for its strength, the use of steel has other advantages as well, such as durability, low maintenance, increased security and is aesthetically pleasing and cost effective. Steel will not warp or rot, is fire resistant, not eaten by termites, does not rust if treated against rust. And is completely recyclable. Stainless steel, often accompanied by glass, is widely used in modern buildings for its decorative properties and sleek elegance.

Stainless Steel, Security & Steel Construction

We manufacture and install steel stairs with handrails to guide people safely up and down the stairs. Also functional and safe custom made balustrades on balconies, patios, as pool enclosures or anywhere a safety barrier is needed to prevent people from falling. Combined with glass or decorated with intricate curls and twirls of steel lace-work, these balustrades will definitely add beauty, elegance and value to your property. We also make decorative steel wall hangings with holders for pot plants to adorn your patio or walls.

Furthermore we fabricate and install steel security gates, burglar bars, steel entrance gates and fencing. We manufacture interesting and uniquely decorated security gates with e.g., geometric or abstract patterns according to customer requests. The fencing can be a combination of steel and wood. That matches the entrance gate as well as other gates inside the property. If you are planning to replace your old shabby fence, or put up a fence for the first time, we are the people to call.

Our company also manufactures and erects steel constructions such as the popular portal frame which comprises columns and flat or pitched rafters. The portal frame offers a large unobstructed floor space and is therefore perfect for stores, carports, shops, etc. The sides can be left open as in the case of a carport or gazebo type of structure, or they can be closed to form a proper building. Allow us to build that extra long carport for your boat and caravan.

As a matter of fact, we can create anything you need made from steel. All you need to do, is call us.

Stainless Steel

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