Our Main Focus or Services are

*Woodwork - Kitchen and built-in cupboards
*Building Construction - Renovations and Restorations
*Steelwork - Stainless Steel & Regular Steel Construction

BUT no project is too small or too big for us, therefore we will assist you in all your Home Renovation needs. From tiling, painting, paving, ceiling & flooring, plumbing,
garden layout, etc., to any specialised project or challenge.
At the same time making sure we provide you with competitive prices.
I do not act as a middleman in the execution of any project or job.
Every Project we accept is performed either by myself
or with the assistance of my own team of experienced tradesmen.


All Cupboards, Decks, Stairs and railings

We love working with wood therefore it comes as no surprise that we specialise in woodwork of all descriptions. At Stilbaai Home Renovations we pride ourselves in every job we undertake which can be seen in the precise perfection of the end result. Our beautifully crafted built-in cupboards for the kitchen, the bedroom, the lapa, the garage adorn the home of many a smiling customer. We also provide cupboards for commercial buildings and offices according to their needs and specifications.

Of course we are not restricted to standardised built-in cupboards and regularly used wood, but we also fabricate cupboards according to customer specifications. Furthermore we can manufacture loose-standing wooden cupboards and chests on order to fit into any designated space bigger or smaller than the standard.


Stilbaai Home Renovations Woodwork Services

Apart from built-in cupboards, we will manufacture wood tops made from specially ordered wood according to the order of the customer, e.g. for your man cave or home bar. Or a beautifully designed and crafted dinner table and matching chairs on order. Or a specially designed wood desk from specified wood, or a headboard for the bedroom. The possibilities are endless. Every piece of furniture we produce tells its own story about the calibre and precision of our proud workmanship.

We also do more robust woodwork such as building larger and smaller wooden decks, complete with wooden balustrades, steps and handrails. Also wooden balustrades on the patio or the balcony or along the garden pathway. Wood comes straight from nature, therefore it fits in pleasantly as well as enhances any location you choose to use it.

Furthermore we do wood flooring using hardwood and other solid wood as well as laminated wood flooring. In short, we manufacture any wooden thing you want. Try us today!

Wood Flooring

Kitchen & Built-in Cupboards

Specialised Wood Projects

Building Construction

Building, Renovations & Home Extentions

After many years of comprehensive and detailed experience in the building construction trade, we are able to handle any building and construction related assignment. We do not see a big job or a small job, we see you, our client. No matter the size, since your project is extremely important to you, it is as important to us. We believe in tackling each job with equal enthusiasm, care and precision.

As the name of our company states, we are in the home renovation business, which means we change your house the way you specify. This includes different aspects of building construction, renovations as well as extensions to your existing home. It also includes specialist jobs such as repairing large cracks in walls with steel rods or fixing persistent roof-leaks.


Building & Construction by Stilbaai Home Renovations

So you want to improve your home. You want new well-planned and beautifully crafted cupboards in the kitchen, bedrooms, home office, garage or lapa. Or you plan to tile the bathroom and kitchen walls as well as some, or all, of the floors in the house. You might want to replace the old water-wasting toilet and stained bath, basin, taps and shower with stunning modern plumbing ware. Let us close that balcony or patio or build that fireplace on the balcony you always wanted.

If you are planning on extending or adding to you existing house. You need to keep in mind that some of these alterations need building approval from the municipality. Even when opening up an existing wall or partitioning a room with a new internal wall you need approval from the local authorities. They consider all elements that relate to building codes and building standards.

Once you have the necessary approval, we can help you with alterations and extensions such as garages, carports and lapas. Also granny flats, self-contained flatlets on double garages or as free standing structures. You might want to convert an existing garage, or attic/loft, or cellar into extra living space. Or you might plan to go for a second storey or an additional bathroom, a sun room or a pool room.

Our building services include all building related work such as ceilings, plastering, painting, tiling and flooring, roofing, woodwork and steelwork. Also exterior services such as paving, garden/perimeter walls, security gates, landscape construction and even installation of water tanks.

Building & Construction

Home Renovations

Home Extensions

Stainless Steel and Steelwork services in Still Bay
Steelwork & Stainless steel construction


Stainless Steel, Security & Steel Construction

Apart from using steel as reinforcement in our constructions because of its strength, our company also uses steel for other purposes. Purposes such as stairs, handrails, balustrades, fencing, gates, steel decorations, etc. Aside from its strength, the use of steel has other advantages as well, such as durability, low maintenance, increased security and is aesthetically pleasing and cost effective. Steel will not warp or rot, is not eaten by termites, does not rust if treated against rust, and is completely recyclable. Stainless steel, often accompanied by glass, is widely used in modern buildings for its decorative properties and sleek elegance.


We manufacture and install steel stairs with handrails to guide people safely up and down the stairs. Also functional and safe custom made balustrades on balconies, patios, as pool enclosures or anywhere a safety barrier is needed to prevent people from falling. Combined with glass or decorated with intricate curls and twirls of steel lace-work. These balustrades will definitely add beauty, elegance and value to your property. We also make decorative steel wall hangings with holders for pot plants to adorn your patio or walls.

Furthermore we fabricate and install steel security gates, burglar bars, steel entrance gates and fencing. We manufacture interesting and uniquely decorated security gates with e.g., geometric or abstract patterns according to customer requests. The fencing can be a combination of steel and wood that matches the entrance gate as well as other gates inside the property. If you are planning to replace your old shabby fence, or put up a fence for the first time, we are the people to call.

Our Services: Our company also manufactures and erects steel constructions such as the popular portal frame which comprises columns and flat or pitched rafters. The portal frame offers a large unobstructed floor space and is therefore perfect for stores, carports, shops, etc. The sides can be left open as in the case of a carport or gazebo type of structure, or they can be closed to form a proper building. Allow us to build that extra long carport for your boat and caravan.

As a matter of fact, we can create anything you need made from steel. All you need to do, is call usT

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel and Steelwork services in Still Bay

Security Gates & Burglar Bars

Steel Construction

Additional Services we provide

Although our main focus is on woodwork, building construction and steelwork, we are very versatile as well as multi-skilled. Therefore we offer a number of additional services of which we mention only a few.

We are proud to announce that our company is on the OUTsurance panel. This allows us to handle insurance claims for damage on your behalf as well as see to all  the repairs resulting from such damage from the beginning right to the end. We can also assist with claims from most of the other Insurance Companies.

Peruse some of our extra services below.

We are a registered Outsurance contractor. Let us assist you with the claim and ……..

Garage & Gate Motors

We are qualified to install remote control garage motors as well as gate motors. For your own, as well as your family's convenience and safety, call us without delay!...Read more

Tiling & Flooring

Our expertise include different types of quality flooring such as wooden flooring, stone and concrete flooring.
Meticulous and neat tiling is another of our strengths. If you want the best results, call us now!
...Read more

Landscape Construction

Let us assist you in constructing the planned garden layout at your home. We will supply the heavy stuff and take care of the hard work. Realising your dream garden is only a phone call away!...Read more

Painting & Paving services

So it is time to repaint the exterior and interior of your house or workplace. Or to do something about that muddy driveway or to surprise the wife with pavement under the washing line. Do not despair 'cause we are there. Pull out that phone right now!...Read more

Transparent Burglar Proofing

Our company has the necessary know-how and skills to install see-through or clear burglar-proofing in any residential or commercial property. Call us for a free quote today!... Read more

Home Maintenance

Your house is your biggest investment, so you need to keep it in pristine condition. So many things need to be maintained to keep your home looking its best. This can definitely feel like a daunting task for many older people and single women. Contact us today and make us your new best friend...Read more

Stilbaai Home Renovations offers quality work, exemplary service, honesty, as well as competitive prices.

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