Painting & Paving

Painting & Paving in Stilbaai & Jongensfontein

So it is time to repaint the exterior and interior of your house or workplace. Or to do something about that muddy driveway or to surprise the wife with pavement under the washing line. Do not despair ’cause we are there. Pull out that phone right now!

Every once in a while property owners need to repaint their property, be it residential or commercial. Sometimes you need to paint because the building looks old and sad what with the old paint starting to peel off. Other times you want to sell the house and want it to look its best. Whichever the case may be, there is nothing like a fresh coat of well chosen paint to revitalise the look of your house.

Speak to us before you choose the paint for the exterior walls. We know the latest on the paint market for exterior walls, roofs, gutters, patios, paving, door and window frames, garage doors, steel gates, fences, etc., etc., etc. Furthermore we can advise on the latest trends in colour. Choice of colour will, of course also depend on your location as well as the purpose of your building.

While you are changing the face of your house, you can just as well revamp the interior walls and ceilings with a well-chosen colour of fresh paint. But painting is a delicate work that can easily erupt into a grand mess in the hands of an unskilled novice. You are going to dish out a lot of money for the paint, so why let it go wasted by some unskilled person? Our team of painters are professional, skilled and experienced and know every painting technique.

We can also take care of that back breaking paving job for you. Whether it is the driveway, around the fireplace or fire pit, around the swimming pool or replacing the lawn, we will stun you with the neatness of our job. We do not rush through a paving job, because we know the consequences of a poorly done paving job.

Pavers are made from different materials, such as concrete, brick, cobblestone, flagstone, travertine, bluestone, marble and even porcelain, rubber and plastic. They come in different shapes, sizes and even colours. Feel free to consult us about the best choice for your paving job. Remember, paving material is very expensive, so do not let any Tom, Dick and Harry attempt your paving job. Ask the Professionals, ask Us.

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