Stilbaai & Jongensfontein

(We can assist with most insurance companies & Claims)

OUTsurance, short for OUTsurance Holdings Limited, is a South African based financial services investment company which was formed in 1998. They have since developed into a very popular insurance company choice for many South Africans. Among their various insurance services, they also cover buildings as well as their contents.

This is where our company fits into the equation. We are on the OUTsurance panel which allows us to handle any damage insurance claim on your behalf. This means we are part of a credentialed group of companies providing services to OUTsurance clients. We handle the paperwork and follow up for you which can save you a lot of time and trouble.

In the event of any damage to your home, e.g. water damage as a result of a burst geyser, our company will handle not only the claim. We will also replace the geyser as well as the ceilings, tiles and cupboards and repaint the walls if necessary.

Furthermore this company can also assist clients with claims from most of the other Insurance companies, although we cannot handle the claims on behalf of the client. And, most important of all, we repair, rebuild, restore, revamp, whatever it takes to return your building to the condition it was in before the damage happened.

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