Landscape Construction

Garden & Landscape Construction

Let us assist you in constructing the planned garden layout at your home. We will supply the heavy stuff and take care of the hard work. Realising your dream garden is only a phone call away!

We have the skills and equipment to do the hard construction work of your landscape design layout. Show us where you need extra soil for terracing, or where you need rock retaining walls or precast retaining walls. We deliver the stone or cement interlocking retaining wall blocks and build the walls for you.

Where you need a walkway, we will measure it out and pave it with flagstone, pavers, natural stone, crushed stone or stepping stones. If the pathway winds down the terrace, we can build steps from stone or bricks and cement. Around the pathway or along the edge of the lawn we can build flowerbeds or plantings (open dirt spaces for plants) to round it off.

Specialized Features

If your dream garden includes features such as a fish pond with a waterfall for creating a serene atmosphere. We can help you realise that dream. Maybe you have always fancied having a pergola in one corner of the garden. Where you can sit quietly and enjoy a book or play Sudoku on your phone. We can sure build that for you as well.

A circular outdoor patio with an open flame fire-pit and seat walls is a great feature to add to your garden. This is where family and friends can share stories from the past while staring into the flames of a wood fire and pretending to be deep in the bush. Priceless! Of course we can build this for you. Perhaps you prefer to have a properly built outdoor fireplace or braai. Adding space for keeping the wood and charcoal as well as a surface on which to put the necessary stuff for the braai. Like the beer…

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