Garage and Gate Motors

Garage & Gate Motors
in Stilbaai, Jongensfontein & Hessequa Area

We are qualified to install remote control garage motors as well as gate motors. For your own, as well as your family’s convenience and safety, call us without delay! 

Electronic gate and garage motors are mostly there for convenience and safety. Because one operates the door or gate with a remote control from a distance, it means one can sit in the car and open the gate and garage door. In a place like Stilbaai and Jongensfontein where the majority of inhabitants are older people, a remote control gate and garage door can only be a blessing.

Some people are short and struggle to reach the top of the garage door. Others with back problems struggle to bend down to open the garage door. Women with small children in the car are not keen on leaving the kids in the car while jumping out to open or close the gate and garage.

The Stilbaai/Jongensfontein area is also very hilly which results in many garages sitting on top of a steep driveway. Being able to remotely open the door is almost a must, otherwise you have to park in the street, run up the driveway, open the door, run back down and only then can you enter the garage. Especially at night this is not the most desired situation. Furthermore, if you can enter you house from the garage, a remote control garage door it is very practical during the rainy season or when you arrive at home at night. Especially alone. And female…

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