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Home Renovation Business in Still Bay, popular coastal town in the Hessequa area of the Western Cape Province in South Africa

Kallie Willemse

I started my career in the building industry at the tender age of 13 working for my father during school holidays. Under his watchful eye I began from the bottom mixing mortar and packing bricks and roof tiles. He was my mentor and he taught me the necessary skills for a successful career in building construction.

By the time I was 19 years old in 1987 I was in business doing alterations as well as repairs in and around the house. By 1998 I moved towards specialising in cabinet making and planning, building and installing kitchen and other built-in cupboards. Also decking as well as all other wood related jobs. In time I also started making custom furniture, e.g. special pieces of furniture to fit into a specific space, headboards, bedside tables, dressing tables, chests of drawers, etc.

I have decided to leave my successful carpentry business in Johannesburg, Grace Carpentry, in the capable hands of my two sons. My plan was to establish a new renovation business in Stilbaai where I would like to eventually retire. In the meantime I want to offer my expertise, knowledge, skills and values to the wonderful people of Stilbaai, Jongensfontein as well as the general Hessequa area.


Intrinsic values my father ingrained into me

Apart from building skills my father also taught me other skills without which one cannot run a successful business or even succeed in life. Those skills he taught me not so much through words, but by setting the example. The skills I’m referring to are values like honesty, fairness, professional integrity and genuine interest in my employees as well as my customers.

He taught me to respect time-lines and budgets, to work with meticulous attention to detail and to offer exemplary service to customers. From him I have learned that there is no job, no matter how small that does not deserve our precision, our quality and our excellence. He taught me to find joy in everything I do and every person I encounter.

Our Qualities

We understand engineering requirements

We have years of experience in the construction of very complex and challenging new homes. We will not hesitate, though, to consult with engineering professionals in complex cases.

Quality Hands-on craftsmanship

Our owner, Kallie, is a talented woodworker and believes in being involved in every project. He does most of the work himself and his precision and craftsmanship manifests in every piece of furniture he manufactures.

Our excellence is captured in each result

We believe in providing only the best outcome possible for each project we embark on, big or small, complicated or straightforward. We take great care of, and deep pride in every little detail of every job we deliver.

We provide the best service in Home Renovation

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